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I'm not going to review exactly what I did in great textual detail. I'm just going to post a load of photos of excellent things we saw.

I went to Norway and I saw:
Monolith I
Excellent Gustav Vigeland sculptures filling a park in Oslo

Downtown Finse
Snow and skiers, 1200m up at Finse station

Wake Patterns
A boat through sun-filled, wind-ruffled fjords, to...

Village Green
Scenic villages, with mountains, and flowers, and wooden houses (and supermarkets selling interesting junk food: chocolate-covered salty maize snacks, anyone?)

Long Shadows
Roads to the middle of nowhere

Fedje Reflection
Towns in the middle of the sea (this one has a whole 600 people, don't you know)

Diver Ready
And between them, diving... (this is a rebreather diver, and they really do carry a lot of shit, though I didn't have that much less)

Up The Ferndale
On improbable wrecks that sloped up rocks...

The Parat
With ghostly sister wrecks that sat too deep for me to reach (though some did; there were many technical divers on board)

Diver Up
Followed by using the very handy lift to get back on board...

Dive Deck
In order to, you know, hang around, dry the drysuits, look at the scenery...

On Deck
Or the sky. There was good sky.

Art Book
Until we got to Bergen, where we stayed in an artist's house while she was away for the weekend, for very nearly as cheap as it's possible to stay anywhere while there's two festivals on in Bergen, and...

Walking Down Floyen
Did some travelling up (by funicular and cable car) and then walking down mountains. As well as looking at art, eating enormous hot dogs and drinking painfully expensive beer, but I don't have many pictures of that.

It was peaceful, man. Or it was once I'd got over the inhibitions caused by the terrible experience of Dutch diving, and the mild claustrophobia induced by all the cabins in the boat (a converted trawler) being below the waterline and therefore windowless, poorly ventilated and profoundly dark once the door was shut. The trick was to leave the door open, letting in both air and a smidgeon of light from the skylight in the corridor, because this was 61 degrees north in late May and the hours of darkness were neither very dark nor very many. Both the peacefulness and the late night light best encapsulated in this I leave til last, then, taken at not far off the same time of night as I'm posting this:

After Sunset
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