Jan. 15th, 2012

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I've had a cold for two and a half weeks now. In the first week I sounded like I'd managed to develop a decades-old 60-a-day habit overnight. In the second week I stopped croaking but started sneezing everywhere. By of the end of the second week I'd gone back to croaking, especially after spending Friday evening in a biercafe/restaurant in Rotterdam with several colleagues. It wasn't a big night out, just some food and some interesting beers and some card games, but there was lots of chat; good for getting to know people, but bad for a sore throat. And last night we went to a beer tasting event in 't Arendsnest; a blind tasting of six beers that all had a theme, and we had to guess strengths and score them all out of ten. The theme, it turned out, was Westvleteren 12 and associated beers, which means the lightest beer there was 8% and most of them were over 10%, and what with the cold too, the booze went to my head a bit, so when we carried on drinking afterwards (marvelling at the fact that Westvleteren 12, a ridiculously exclusive Belgian trappist beer that's meant to be one of the best in the world, came 5th out of 6 on score when no-one knew what it was) it seemed sensible to deal with my cracking voice by forging on through anyway. Which means today, I basically can't speak at all, except in a sort of thick whisper. What with also feeling somewhat off from the booze (if I hadn't already been drinking I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have agreed to the last beer being De Molen's Bommen & Granaten, Bombs and Grenades, which while it comes in a 150 ml serving, is still 15%) then I doubt I'm going to get anything else useful done today at all, so I'm going to try and document some of what we've been doing with the home brewing.

Long post about brewing )


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