Apr. 29th, 2014

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Honestly, it's almost embarrassing. Four nights on a roll mat under a skylight is not only better than a week in a proper bed in the dark end, it fixes its ill effects. Not having light in the morning shouldn't totally negate the effect of the several hours of sleep before it, should it? And yet there I was on Friday, doing the walk and everything - you know the zonked walk, when it's stupid o'clock and you really need to get home and sleep but there's no public transport running (and you consider taxis to be, in general, something that happens to other people, with more money than you) so you just shamble along, content that at least you'll get there eventually but desperate to dissociate your conscious self from the experience? Like that. That's how I walked to the station on Friday morning, because I knew I needed to get to the station even if I knew nothing else. It's ridiculous.

At the same time, it's nice to have a relatively clear experimental indicator of the problem. I can see dawn simulator lamps in my future. That or just moving to the regular dawns of the tropics, anyway.


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