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My name is Sherm, and I'm vegan. Well, I am for this week, pretty much, anyway. I am going to be reporting what I'm eating, which you may not want to hear about, but it's only for a week like. 

Day 1:
  • Fruit and Fibre and soy milk
  • The cereal is close as I can work out to vegan without going out and buying something which won't do the job of breakfast as well.

  • V-HAT butties
  • That's Vegemite (last minute panic about whether that's vegan, but it probably is) with houmous, avocado and tomato

  • Couple of spanakopita
  • Which would traditionally contain feta, but this was a version with tofu and yeast flakes from Vegan With A Vengeance - I've cooked a big bunch of them.

  • Dark chocolate
  • I was surprised - I had it in my head that all the Green & Black's apart from the actual milk chocolate was vegan, but even the 85% organic one has milk powder in. Some of the proper nobby dark ones have no dairy in the ingredients, but still say that due to manufacturing methods are unsuitable for people with a milk allergy - I suppose they're just making them on the same lines. Proper everything-free stuff is to be had in supermarkets, but costs even more than the good dark stuff, so I didn't go that far - if it's been made without dairy as an actual ingredient, that'll do for me. 

  • Roast Squash Pasta
  • This was really tasty. Chunks of butternut squash, roasted with garlic, onion, pine nuts and sage, with wholewheat pasta.

  • Maple and walnut cookies
  • I do eat quite a lot of sweet stuff, and making something to munch on apart from the chocolate seemed like a good idea. These were also from VwaV and contain maple syrup and molasses; they look like an incontinent midget cow's been visiting the kitchen, but they're pretty damn tasty. 

    So far, so good. 



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