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Birthdate:Apr 23
Location:Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

X: 510mm (max)
Y: 300mm (max)
Z: 1870mm (really)

English (UK)
Northern (Greater Manchester)
Dutch (a bit)

Material Requirements
(Main substance pre-supplied)
Two pairs Vater LA 5As
Roland Super Cube
Whittaker's Dark Ghana
Something worth reading
Good weight jersey appreciated
Vodka for the airlock

Physical Properties
No electrical connections required
Handy with tools
Useful in crowds

Surface Air Consumption
14-18 litres per minute

Maintenance Requirements

Safety Equipment
Ear plugs
Running shoes
(For safe operation in social environments, see Maintenance Requirements)

Interests (74):

bass guitar, beer festivals, being dishevelled, blue eyes, blueberries, booze, bottle-conditioned beer, building robots, cake, character flaws, cheap cymbals, cheap noodle bars, cheese, clutch, cooking, cows, dancing like a loon, design, doing it yourself, dooom, drinking, drumming, eating, energy, engineering, enthusiasm, expensive microphones, fearsome stouts, getting cold and wet, gigging, good arguments, good food, gravy, growing potatoes, hills, home brewing, hydrogen for the masses, island weather, josh homme, live music, long hair, making clothes, making my own clothes, monochrome, motorised faders, nanomaterials, obsessive compulsives, orange, other people's heads, people, potatoes, public transport, pubs, real ale, recording, robot cows, rooibos, running, satay sauce, scuba diving, sea swimming, sewing, sex, splitting water, stroopwafels, sunshine, the beach, the electromagnetic spectrum, the sea, the solar spectrum, thinking about thinking, tree ferns, uk diving, weather
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